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Frequently Asked Questions

Puppy Prices
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Do I have puppies available?
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Do your dogs hunt?
Weimaraners and Weimadors are hunting dogs. We do not hunt our adult dogs, but have a male Weimador pup in training at the moment, so an update on hunt trials will be posted at a later date.  We cannot guarantee that your dog will hunt, but most do possess the instincts required to be a great hunter, if given the proper training. We have placed several dogs with families who hunt and have stated they are amazing hunters. Some have even received medals in competition hunts.

Do I Need To Place A Deposit?

By placing a deposit, that assures you a pick from our current or upcoming litter, but is entirely your choice. The deposit is non-refundable – because we hold your choice/puppy as if it is sold and turn down other prospective families. The deposit can be transferred to another litter or future litter, (request of transfer must be emailed to us no later than 1 week after date of birth) if you are unable to get a puppy at the date of adoption day or we are unable to provide you with the specific gender in which the deposit was placed. There is a limit of One transfer per family/deposit. With a deposit we send weekly pictures (starting at 3 weeks of age) along with updates. At 6 weeks of age we start contacting people by order of deposit to pick out their puppy.

We require a non-refundable $200.00 deposit to hold choice and cannot hold a puppy without one. When mailing your deposit, please let us know the mailing confirmation, so that we may place your name on our waiting list right away. The deposit amount is deducted from the total purchase price. If for some reason, we are unable to provide you with a puppy, any and all deposits will be returned.

 How do I choose my puppy?
Puppies are chosen by the order in which the deposits are received. 1st dep = 1st choice, 2nd dep = 2nd choice and so on.

You choose your own puppy based on pictures that are sent out or posted in the Nursery.

Even by 6 weeks, puppies do not show a lot of personality, so please do not ask me to pick the perfect puppy for your specific needs at this young age. All puppies will form their personality according to their new homes and the household energy, along with how they are handled and trained. You will get the personality and temperament of what you put into them.
RockRidge has the right to pull a puppy from the choosing at any time.

Do You Ship The Puppies?
We encourage those that are looking to adopt one of our pups, to try and make the trip to our place so that they can see our adult dogs and our place. For those that are unable to make the trip, we offer hand delivery. We have to charge $30 an hour round trip. We can meet you halfway, at the airport if you choose to fly in to pick up your pup, or deliver to your door.

How Can I Pay For My Puppy?

We accept U.S.P.S. Money Orders, or personal checks for deposits ONLY. If sending a personal check the deposit will have to arrive two weeks before the planned adoption date. Please let me know if you would like to place a deposit, this is only available for individuals that have either filled out an application or talked to one of us and have been approved.  
The remaining balance will need to be paid at the time of adoption and must be cash ONLY.

Can I Come Visit The Puppies Before they are ready to go to their homes?

NO! Puppies should not be visited by anyone other than the breeder before their first round of puppy shots, as the risk of disease to un-vaccinated puppies is VERY HIGH. A breeder who will allow you to handle or visit the facilities under 6 weeks of age is not a knowledgeable or a responsible breeder.

I am going to be out of town at the time my puppy is ready for pick-up. Will you hold my puppy longer to accommodate my schedule?

We understand family schedules can be busy. We can provide this extended service for an additional cost that compensates for the additional housing, care and feeding. ($200.00 per week)

What Age Should the Puppy be Spayed/Neutered?

Puppy should be spayed or neutered at six months of age, no later than 8 months old. We have a strict and enforced Spay/Neuter Contract policy that is signed and agreed upon at the date of adoption.

Is White allowed on a Weimaraner or a Weimador?

Yes. A small blaze is acceptable on the chest only, for a show dog. If a Weimaraner or Weimador has white toes, it is very rare. Quite often white spots elsewhere on the coat and toes do just vanish in time. You should not show a dog with white toes. For a pet it does not matter. White marks on the coat due to injury, are not penalized. Remember for a pet, it does not matter if it is not perfectly marked.  

Do you think I should Crate my puppy at night?

Yes, we believe puppies should be crated at night. A puppy left alone at night, even in a room will get into trouble. They will soil in your house and chew things that they aren’t supposed to. A puppy needs a safe quiet place of its own. If the crate is the right size, most puppies will not soil in their crate. Being a den animal your puppy will learn to love their crate, it will keep them safe, and they will be easier to housebreak.

Some people are crating their puppies all night and then all day while they are at work or gone. PLEASE make other arrangements for your puppy during the day! This is causing “Crate Aggression” in a growing number of puppies and has become a very serious issue. We recommend gating off a small room (i.e. bathroom, laundry room, etc.), puppy daycare, or using an exercise pen for any time period that is longer than two hours during the day. We want our puppies to have the best possible start to life with his/her new family and over crating is not going to produce those results.

Breeding Rights?

Our puppies are sold as PETS ONLY! Weimaraners come with AKC limited Registration and a STRICT Spay/Neuter Contract that is signed and agreed upon at the time of adoption. We provide you with a companion/pet only. Weimadors come with a STRICT Spay/Neuter Contract that is also signed and agreed upon at the time of adoption.

Are the tails cropped?

Our Weimador pups DO NOT have their tails docked, but do have their dew claws removed.

Our Weimaraner pups DO have their tails docked and dew claws removed.

What type of flea and tick product is safe?

Sentry Natural Defense is a safe and effective way to prevent fleas and ticks. This product is the only flea and tick preventative that we use on our dogs and it works really well.

WARNING! Frontline: Is known to cause skin cancer in dogs and is a product we would Never use on our dogs.
WARNING! Trifexis: Has caused over 700 dog deaths in the year 2013....FDA has decided to keep it on the market despite all of these deaths. :( PLEASE NEVER USE THIS PRODUCT ON YOUR NEW PUP/DOG!

Are there any specific requirements that we have to meet to take part in the 2-year warranty that you offer?

Yes, as in all warranties, there are always conditions proving "reasonable care" that affect your warranty. One of ours (the most important one in our opinion) is that you continue providing your puppy with the same food and supplementation as they have been raised with from their birth. This helps us to know that there will NOT be any diet related developmental issues that can adversely affect the overall health of your puppy. This is very important to us and helps assure you that your puppy is going to be healthier and that you will not have to deal with any under developmental health issues that are commonly caused by poor nutrition. Poor nutrition = Poor health

Other Puppy Information.

*Our puppies are being raised on Life’s Abundance Holistic Dog Food. It is an all stages of life food. Feeding your puppy anything but high quality dog food will affect their growth. Studies have shown the lack of proper nutrition contributes to developing hip-dysplasia and other serious health problems. It is not all genetics. All dog foods are NOT created equal. We ensure our puppies get a healthy start, by feeding a high quality food and vitamin. Visit for more information and ordering.

* We also give our dogs a NuVet vitamin each day. This is a powerful antioxidant that gives a tremendous boost to the immune system to prevent skin and coat problems, and creates a defense against over fifty major diseases, including hip and elbow dysplasia, and extending the life span of your dog. This product has made a huge difference with our dogs well being and their coats have never looked better! This can only be ordered by calling 1-800-474-7044, order code # 18271 or by visiting We want to give our puppies the strongest start possible for a healthy life.

* Our puppies are vaccinated at 5 and 7 weeks with a 5-way (puppy) Parvo vaccine and 10 and 12 weeks with Galaxy DA2PPvL (adult Parvo 7 –way vaccination). We follow our vet’s recommendations. Many vets recommend different schedules for vaccines as well as different vaccines. Please check with your vet for continued vaccines that are required in your area and for scheduling. We also worm our puppies every week from 2 – 4 weeks of age, and every two weeks from 4 weeks on. You will be provided with a shot record that will detail all wormings and vaccinations that your puppy has been given for you to be able to show to your vet.

*The Weimaraner and Weimaraner/Labrador breeds are all very energetic, loving, affectionate animals and it is important that you train accordingly. They need routine and consistency in order for them to learn where to use the bathroom, eat, sleep, etc. They are so very intelligent that it doesn't take much training on your part, just consistency.

* Your puppy will be teething – having lots of chewy toys will save your home and belongings! Puppies should always have something to chew on and several toys of their own. Never take away something they shouldn’t be chewing on without replacing it with something they CAN have.

* The Weimaraner has a medium exercise level as compared to other breeds. This is a breed that definitely requires sufficient exercise in order to prevent boredom, frustration, excessive destruction, and compulsive barking. Every breed is different, and the Weimaraner is one of its own. They require some form of exercise and lots of stimulation, as this is a very durable and active dog that requires several walks a day. The most important thing in the caring of this breed is to include it in all family activities and give all the attention the dog craves and needs.